Using Drawings & Paintings Created by Hand

  • Take a photo of your image using an iPod/iPad or Digital Camera, then upload it to ThingLink.
  • Scan your image, then upload it to ThingLink.

Use Drawings & Paintings Created on a Computer or iPad
  • Choose from a number of online drawing and painting tools.
  • Take a snapshot of the finished work of art then upload it to ThingLink for tagging.

Create a Digital Drawing or Painting

This comic creator tool is easy to use at the free level, but there is a fee-based version available for schools which offers some appealing features.
crayola digi color.jpg
Crayloa Digi Color
This is an online coloring kit is complete with all types of markers and crayons
No login is required to create a drawing. The site lacks directions, and a good thing to know is to click on the silver half circle at the bottom of the page to get crayons and markers. Visit the home link for more activities from Crayola.
Draw Island
Free online drawing tool that allows users to create simple drawings. No login is required to create, and this tool allows users to save files to their own computer. The tools works on an iPad or iPhone.g.
How to Draw
A fairly simple drawing tool with tutorials and drawing lessons. A login is not required to create, but it is required for sharing and saving. This site is extremely kid-friendly and appealing
my oats.jpg
My Oats
Create simple or complex designs using shapes or patterns. A login is not required to create, but it is required for sharing and saving. There aren't any directions so be sure to scroll across the bottom of the screen to view the toolbar. Each toolbar has several options.
Sophisticated online drawing tool that includes layers, and allows importing of images. The free version has many nice features, A login is not required to create a piece of art.
Appropriately named, this tool lets you add effects to your own photos to touch them up or create unique artwork.